Extra Comfort Gelly Seat Cushion


Size: (M) 420x380x20mm (L) 420x380x32mm
Material: Gel+ Mesh Fabric
Details: ● Reduce pressure on the lower back while sitting, driving, or traveling. Help to reduce built-up moisture and shear stress.
● The elastomeric material is made to last, Wash and dry directly with running water.
● Intergrated handle on the outer cover. Traveling with confidence and longevity has never been so easy.
● Gelly would flex to remove excessive pressure, relieving stresses under long hours of sitting.

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加強壁交會處設置上、下通風透氣凹槽 )及製作工藝,具備很多不同於以往坐墊的優點:本通用( 減壓、透氣、散熱 )凝膠坐墊,採用最新、增強和改進型高分子材料,通過數百萬微小
粒子及特殊的結構設計( 坐墊相互交叉或交互的支撐臂厚度不到3mm,且上、下為鏤空透氣式
加強壁交會處設置上、下通風透氣凹槽 )及製作工藝,具備很多不同於以往坐墊的優點