Horseshoe Head Pad (Small)


Size: Dia160mmx 30mm
Material: PU GEL+TPU
Details: ● Designed for use in supine or lateral positioning surgery to make patients feel more comfortable and stable.
● Enables easy access to anesthesia tubes during prone-position surgeries

More About This Product


  • Horseshoe Head Pad (Small)
  • Material: PU gel
  • Size: 160mm (Diameter) 30mm (Height)
  • The head pad positions the patient's head and has better access to the head and neck.
  • It can be warmed and cooled to meet the patient's requirements.
  • Contoured-shaped design for exceptional pressure relief and protection.
  • Gel-filled cushion provides optimal pressure relief and comfort for patients in operation.
  • We provide professional support for various body parts in surgery.